Please feel free to contact us with questions, suggestions and updated contact information. We are your reunion committee!
Ellen Duff Richardson  408-841-9693
Ellen Duff Richardson 408-841-9693
Kathleen Krouskup Whittell  408-821-6231
Kathleen Krouskup Whittell 408-821-6231
Maureen Nelson Resz  408-927-0545 (home)  408-891-1162 (cell)
Maureen Nelson Resz 408-927-0545 (home) 408-891-1162 (cell)
Mary Munger Granneman  408-802-8597 (cell)
Mary Munger Granneman 408-802-8597 (cell)
Lorraine Bernades Ross
Lorraine Bernades Ross
Paul Gardner  408-505-1757 (cell)  408-268-5328 (home)
Paul Gardner 408-505-1757 (cell) 408-268-5328 (home)
Jim Cox  408-221-6244
Jim Cox 408-221-6244
Steve Hoffman  408-205-0159
Steve Hoffman 408-205-0159
Dave Lima
Dave Lima
Gary Mazzurco
Gary Mazzurco