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Anita Wong Kwok's Pictures

Anita's pictures or the 50th reunion.
Woodrow !!!

Michael Prolo's Pictures

Mike's pictures from the reunion.

Carolyn Mock Rosen's Pictures

Carolyn 's pictures of the 50th reunion party.

Bobbi Deaver (McCamish)'s Pictures

Bobbi's pictures from the 50th reunion party.

Dave's 50th Reunion Photos

Here are some snapshots of the reunion on September 14th, 2019 at Saratoga Springs taken by Dave Lima. Please excuse the poor focus and other deficiencies - I was there to visit, not as a pro photographer!

Edwin Markham Class Picture, 1966

The Markham class of 1966 would mostly become the Willow Glen High School Class of 1969. Here's the class picture for your enjoyment.